Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embracing the CROP Top!

Lets Talk About Plus Size Girls Rocking Crop Tops...

I need to be honest when I first started seeing these crop tops appearing in my favorite shopping spots I HATED them. Mostly because when they first came out they were only marketed to the smaller ladies, and I was jealous at the fact that I couldn't rock them myself!  Thoughts of tiny bare midrifts with perfect tummies filled my head and I thought "Damn, another article of clothing that is NOT made for girls my size."


I am so late in embracing the look for myself  yet I started doing some research on #Plus size gals rockin crop tops and my eyes have now been opened.  So many beautiful ladies of all sizes making these crop tops their OWN.  


So with this new found motivation to wear one myself I decided to step out of my box and give em a shot...

I started small and purchased an IKAT printed crop top similar to the one pictured above at a local Burlingtons for only 4.99.


                    Thanks for stopping by and SALUTE' TO ALL THE PLUS SIZE DIVAS!!!

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