Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Introduction

Yes! I finally have time to blog again, and if there is anything I want to discuss, that topic is Plus Size Fashion.  I wish to inspire women with curves to embrace what I call the...                                   
"Curvy Revolution"

This is a  picture of inspiration...Does this model inspire you to embrace your curves? you can purchase this outfit from Rue114! She is FIERCE!

More and more designers are stepping up to the plate to provide those fashions that we "plus" women used to dream about wearing.  If you haven't noticed in the past and even now the womens' plus clothes being marketed all have what sometimes I call--
"The Grandma Look"
, or " The 'Oh, I'm to fat to be trying to look sexy' Look",
 and the "I Just Want to Blend in With the Crowd Look"
  For the record, so this doesn't bite me in the butt, my grandma actually has an amazing collection of clothes that are FIERCE!...but you knew what I meant. 

I have been visiting numerous online boutiques and stores that provide that "MORE" in fashion that we were searching for and I have listed a few sites to share with you below:

I purchased this blazer from our local Maurices in a XL (I normally wear 1X) it was a little snug but i had to have it and it actually looks better in person. If you want it, you can find in at
 Its so easy to pair with anything to enhance any look!


   This sexy blue dress came from
 I am very much looking forward to purchasing this one, or a similar one soon!

This is our time to flaunt our curves and be proud of who we are, because YOU are beautiful and don't be ashamed of it!  

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